Magellan Health Project

I automated around fifteen ad-hoc reports for Magellan, saving the company over two-hundred work hours per year.

Report Automation

My job at Magellan was vastly different than my previous internships. Instead of PHP and JavaScript, I was using PL/SQL, SSIS, and Cognos to document and automate ad-hoc reports. Throughout the summer, we were told to come up with our own project to present on at the end of the internship – they weren’t going to give us a specific assignment. I soon realized that the company ran lots of the same ad-hoc reports every day, week, month, or year, so I decided my project would be to automate them. I analyzed the process by which they were completed and realized this was absolutely doable. I also found that Magellan actually already owned software that could be used to automate reports like this. So for the last three-quarters of my internship with them, I automated around fifteen reports - which ended up saving Magellan over two hundred work hours per year. I presented this accomplishment to Magellan’s CIO at the end of the summer with the other two members of my group, and he told us that ours was the most entertaining presentation he saw that summer.

Two of the other IT interns and I had a little fun and made a video that gives a much-simplified summary of our summer. We had a lot of fun making it, and you can watch it below.