Membership Toolkit Projects

My summer at MTK was packed with projects that are now in production at All numbers and details shown in the following screenshots contain pseudo-data.

Administrative Dashboard

The Admin Dashboard was my introduction to the Membership Toolkit software and the hundreds of thousands of lines of code that came with it. I was given this assignment my first week on the job while learning more details about MTK as a business and how the codebase is structured. As you'll see in the screenshot below, the dashboard has a number of prominent features. First, a search bar that lets an administrator search for a specific organization. Second, a quick look at how many active organizations, members, and families are using our software. Next, a table showing active users and all the transacations that come through the app. Fourth, a smaller table that breaks down the various types of organizations that are using the software. And finally, a summary of all the emails sent, scheduled, and currently in line to be sent. Further down, the dashboard also shows a summary of all recent activity and the ten newest organizations to subscribe to our software. This project sharpened my skills in SQL and PHP, while giving me a nice refresher on Bootstrap.

Login Screen

Promo Codes

Many of our users had been requesting a way to create promotional codes themselves for a long time. Before the summer, they would have to contact customer support, give us the details of the promo code(s) they wanted, and we would have to create it for them. I was tasked with creating a front-end page by which they would be able to create, edit, review, and delete their own promo codes by themselves. This saved users a good deal of time and made it much easier for them to do this on their own, rather than asking us to do it for them every time they needed one. This was the first customer-facing project I worked on that summer, and I was thrilled when it went live without a hitch. For this project, I used SQL, PHP, Boostrap, as well as JavaScript to do some DOM manipulation in the create/edit screen.

Home Screen

Scrollable Table

The Scrollable Table project was a fun one that came up near the end of the summer. We wanted a table inside its own div that could scroll horizontally as well as vertically, while allowing the table header to stick while scrolling. Typically, creating a sticky header in a table like this is easy. However, because the table is in its own div, using position: fixed in the table header's CSS wouldn't work. To get around this, I made two separate tables and linked them together with JavaScript. The table header is its own table, while the table body is a completely different table - but after some CSS trickery I was able to make them look like one cohesive table. The real trick here, since they're two different tables, was the horizontal scrolling. Using JavaScript, I was able to link the two tables together so that when the body table scrolls left or right, the header table scrolls with it perfectly. I really enjoyed this project. It was something I had never thought of before and it felt good to come up with a unique solution to an interesting problem.

Entry Screen