Oasis Digital Projects

My summer at Oasis Digital involved the creation of a 3D model of teeth and a JIRA add-on.

3D Teeth Model

This project was the first large project I ever worked on and it was truly life changing. I used JavaScript, AngularJS, WebGL, three.js and of course HTML and CSS. Fellow intern Zach Kimberg and I worked on this project as a team of two. It involved manipulating a 3D model of teeth in order to aid in the size of braces that were needed for the customer. This worked entirely as a web application, meaning there was no use of Flash or any other plug-ins. Unfortunately, about halfway through the summer, the project was scrapped. I would love to be able to show a demo of the project, but soon after the project was terminated it was turned into something different and I was on a new team. Some of the technologies remained the same, however, so I will include a link to what it turned into here so you can get a feel for it.


I moved to this project about halfway through the summer when the teeth model venture was discontinued. JIRA is a project and issue tracking web application and my new team was assigned to create an add-on for this that altered the look and feel of how the issues were tracked. On the 3D teeth project, I worked primarily on the front end; but for this I moved to the server-side of development while using Java and experimenting with Dropwizard. This was more of a test project to see if we, as a group of interns, could make something cool and useful with Dropwizard - and we did. This was never put into production, but it was a great learning experience and a fantastic introduction to server-side development. You can learn more about the 2013 Oasis Digital Intern Program by watching the video below!