The Golden Hurricast

A new podcast covering Golden Hurricane athletics at The University of Tulsa.

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Stay Golden

The Golden Hurricast is a weekly podcast covering Golden Hurricane athletics by Ryan Token, Matt Rechtien, and Pat Fox. We're three TU alums, friends, and die-hard fans looking to spread the word about TU sports while offering some unique insight. We're not affiliated with The University of Tulsa. You can listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, or almost any other podcast app; or you can listen online on Anchor's website.

We started The Golden Hurricast simply because we love talking about Tulsa sports. We don't have a Patreon, we don't beg for your money, and we don't run ads in our episodes. It's just "for the love of the game". We hope you get the same enjoyment out of it that we do. If, however, you feel compelled to support the show financially, you can sign up for a monthly subscription here if you click 'Support this podcast'. Stay golden!