Hi, I'm Ryan

I write code, occasionally music, rarely words, and always something meaningful

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About Me

I am a recent graduate from The University of Tulsa. At TU, I studied Computer Information Systems with a minor in Computer Science. Although I have a real job, I consider myself a full-time fan of the Tulsa Golden Hurricane. Reign Cane!

Creating things is a hobby of mine that I never want to lose. My kick right now is iOS development, and I released my first iOS app in May of 2018. It's called CatchUp - Keep in Touch, and building it has been a blast. Download it here. I learned Swift, finally got to really understand Xcode, and had a reason to clean up my website! Most of my other projects have been web development-related. I worked on several features for Membership Toolkit, built an interactive 3D model of teeth with angular.js and three.js for Oasis Digital Solutions, worked on the country's largest hay-trading website for Tavern Creek Partners, and automated ad-hoc reports for Magellan Health - and those are just internships! I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to work in the environments I found myself in throughout high school and college.

Currently, I work full-time for ConocoPhillips as an ERP Technical Analyst, a job in which I primarily automate SAP transactions at the request of our users. I am in ConocoPhillips' rotational new-hire program, thus I will rotate positions every 12-15 months for a span of three rotations. I am currently in my first rotation, and am loving it.